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Hands Off

Increasing your Access
Large Executive Search firms are hamstrung by multiple hands-off agreements restricting who they can approach.
​As a boutique firm, we represent a select client base accessing candidates which large firms cannot approach.
By adhering to less is more we increase the probability of securing the best Executives.
Quality not Quantity

Hopes & Dreams 

Executive Seach is about helping people realise their hopes and dreams.

As firms scale, we believe the human touch is overlooked.

We remain small and personal making time to understand your hopes and dreams.

It's About You

Nick Green - Founder 


Nick has appointed professionals in Hong Kong and the UK since the mid-nineties.


He resides in Yorkshire advising and representing regional Professional Service firms.

Nick is passionate about people and excels at guiding people through the Executive Search journey.

Passionate about People

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