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Supporting Cancer Research



I explained to my colleagues I had to leave our meeting to answer my phone. 

Ordinarily I would not answer a phone during a meeting, but this was different.


I left the meeting with an overpowering sense of dread. 

Anny, my darling wife, rock and life partner was calling from hospital. 


I answered the call and in trepidation I put the phone to my ear. 

In an instant I knew, Anny’s trembling voice and tears said it all, Cancer.


Yes, the evil which affects 50% of the UK’s population knocked on our door like some medieval grim reaper. My heart sank. I was standing still but spinning in a vortex.  The harder I steadied myself the faster I spun being tossed around like a rag doll.

As I drove to meet Anny, I felt the world bearing down on my shoulders. Having lost my father aged ten, I witnessed the dark days my mother faced on her own. Was I once again about to experience the pain forty years later?


When I eventually found Anny, emotion and dark thoughts gripped her. What could I do, reassurance and words seemed so hollow and left me feeling helpless.  At that moment we were in shock, time stood still, so many questions.


Why Anny, she did not smoke or drink and is active and healthy. Just as I once struggled to understand why my father was taken at thirty-eight, I reconciled my frustrations and accepted that life is a journey full of twists and turns.  Sometimes there is no justification but by I find that accepting fate helps the transition forward.


Anny and I have always been a positive forward-thinking couple who thrive in adversity and so it was, we dug deep and started our fight back.


Our fight back started with medical consultations and a winning mental attitude.  Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy took their tool, but eventually our doctor explained the tumour was removed and Anny had come through the treatment. That was the day we moved forward together.  


They say what does not break you makes you stronger. Anny and I have always been blessed with a strong and loving relationship, but Cancer took us to a better place. Through adversity we became closer.  Although neither of us would wish to experience Cancer again we have much to thank it for. 


As I reflect, who do I thank the most? The NHS and medical community were exceptional, the level of treatment, care and support surpassed our expectations. Thank you really is not enough.



Today, FatGreen Executive are proud to support Cancer Research. 

We donate a percentage of every fee to Cancer Research.


If you have an experience, you would like to share with us please contact


Wishing Health and Happiness, Nick & Anny.

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